The Council of the Chelsea Art Society
Luke Martineau    President: Luke Martineau

Officers of the Society
COUNCIL Anne Mavroleon Thumb Smaller     COUNCIL Heath Wills Sandford Thumb Smaller     COUNCIL Blank Thumb small     COUNCIL Tom Wills Sandford Thumb Smaller
Ann Mavroleaon
Vice President
  Heather Wills-Sandford
Honorary Secretary
  William Bale
Honorary Treasurer
  Tom Wills-Sandford
Assistant Secretary 

Council Members
Council Member Adebanji Alade   Council Member Alice Boggis-Rolfe   Council Member Teresa Chlapowski   Council Member Lesley Dabson
Adebanji Alade      Alice Boggis-Rolfe      Teresa Chlapowski      Lesley Dabson
Council Member Louise Diggle   Council Member Sue Fearn   Council member Alice Hall   Council Member Abel Kesteven
Louise Diggle      Sue Fearn      Alice Hall      Abel Kesteven
Council Member John Killens   Council Member Luke Martineau   Council Member Janet Treloar   Council Member Gilbert Whyman
John Killens      Luke Martineau      Janet Treloar      Gilbert Whyman
Council Member Anne Wright      
Anne Wright               

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