Aleksandras Alekjejevas

Aleksandras Alekjejevas


Born: 22 November 1963.

Studies: Kaunas A. Martinaitis Art School in Lithuania, 1991 - 1995. Course of Iconography at The Fellowship of St. Luke, London, UK, 2008. Graduated in 2018 with a PhD from The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts, (University of Wales) London, UK. From 2018 he is studying at St. Sergius Orthodox Theological Institute, Paris, France.

Works in collections: The State Tretyakov Gallery,Moscow (Russia), M. Tsvetayeva Museum, Moscow (Russia), International Art Found, Moscow(Russia), Lithuanian Embassy, Moscow (Russia), The Library of Foreign Literature, Moscow (Russia), A. Akhmatova “Serebriany Vek” (The Silver Age) Municipal Museum, St. Petersburg (Russia), Florian Museum, Carbunari (Romania), Tallinn Zoo (Estonia), Vatopaidi Monastery, Zograf Monastery (The Holy Mount Athos, Greece) also in the private collections in Lithuania, Russia, Belgium, Germany, USA, UK, Canada, Italy, Spain, France, Ukraine, Latvia.

Memberships: Associate Member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors from 2004, Member of British Association of Iconographers from 2008.

Grants: A.G Leventis Foundation 2014 – 2018.

Media: Bronze sculpture, bronze icons.


  Aleksandras bronze bull   Aleksandras a bronze goat
  Aleksandra a girl h47cm w18cm bronze 2008   Aleksandras a bronze guardian angel
  Aleksandras pagan dances   Aleksandra a portrai of an actress

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