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By it’s very nature abstract painting can be difficult to define. My thought processes behind my paintings can often be confusing and ambiguous. They may relate to tangible, visible entities, as well as emotional feelings and perceptions.

Can be seen to reflect my deep interest in my emotional and physical connection to the outdoors and in particular to the North West coast of Cornwall. A dichotomy, if you like, of my connection with nature, the elements and the landscape there on a particular day. It’s here that I felt the warmth and comfort of solitude. The calm, familiar landscape of my childhood, the peaceful embrace of nature. Yet despite the internal warmth and harmony, all around the harsh, awe-inspiring landscape and unpredictable elements create a conflicting sense of threat, brutality and the unrelenting power of nature, perpetual and discomforting.

Justine has a free and spontaneous style which will capture moments, initially by drawing and then by using brushes to apply layers of oil, as her painting evolves, building texture & colour until she has achieved what she is looking for.

Justine is a versatile Award winning painter of Abstract landscapes, Still Life, and Cityscapes. She applies generous amounts of oil to drawings on canvases creating layers. These are often scraped in certain ways until she achieves her desired texture, with the right balance and tones of colour, to convey a mood and feeling linked to experiences, places and objects

Formally educated at Middlesex University and previously a successful Textile Designer, Justine has been enhancing her reputation as an artist and returned to her true passion of painting.

Justine’s style and influences vary through time, which is reflected in the experimental nature of her work. Her abstracts are energetic, restless and often reflect her curiosity, born from her formative years in St Agnes, to her emotional and physical connection with nature, the sea and the Cornish coastline.

Her free use of oils, acrylics and other mixed media on board contributes to a unique and compelling style.

Capturing the lighting, energy and fleeting feel of a particular moment is what I hope comes through in my paintings.

Justine was recently shortlisted at The Artists & Illustrators of the year 2018. Awarded the ‘Green & Stone Award’ by the Chelsea Art Society and has been exhibited at The Discerning Eye Exhibition at the Mall Galleries, RSMA, The Royal West of England Academy and The Society of Women Artists amongst other prestigious exhibitions.


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