Arabella Brooke




Arabella Brooke lives and works in London, and her bronzes can be found in galleries and private collections around the world. Her most recent Acrobat series was developed in collaboration with various circuses, culminating in a solo show at Circus Space in Hoxton in May 2013. The circus remains a rich source of inspiration:

“As you watch the acrobats, the outside world simply fades away. In their practice, these artists exhibit such perfect and exceptional purity in their movements, such fearlessness, such mastery of themselves, such instinctive knowledge of the perfect point of balance. Every aspect of the body operates in perfect harmony in order to allow a certain movement to be executed. It seems to me, a more earth-bound artist, that here there is no room for questioning, for hesitation, for any sudden lack of courage or conviction. This is, of course the same with a drawing done in a few seconds, so it literally explodes onto the paper, with a trust that the marks drawn by instinct are the right ones. Here too, there is no room for self-doubt. The challenge then is how to keep the freshness, or ‘feeling’ of the original sketch in the finished sculpture, and in most cases, at least four or five different versions of the sculpture will have been made and destroyed, before deciding finally to cast it into bronze.”

Her work may currently be viewed at Morningside Gallery, Edinburgh, White Space Gallery, Totnes, and at Josie Eastwood Fine Art, Hampshire. Upcoming exhibitions include the Society of Portrait Sculptors' annual exhibition at The Gallery, Cork Street in May 2014, and the Open Air Sculpture exhibition at Knebworth House this summer.

Feel free to contact Arabella to arrange viewings of existing work, or to discuss commissions.


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