MEMBER Fran Howard Portrait

Fran Howard




I was born in Sussex in 1935 but lived in South Africa from 1946 to 1973. Since then I have lived in London. For many years I have visited Eastern and Southern Africa.

I took up painting in watercolour in 1991. For a time I had the pleasure of being tutored by the late Charles Longbotham RWS. I spend an increasing amount of time painting in the field and my Mortlake studio.

I particularly enjoy painting water and look out for river landscapes, coastal scenes and seascapes. I find my subjects mainly in the UK, including the Thames, on which I live, in Provence, Eastern and Southern Africa.

I have exhibited in the southern counties and in charity exhibitions in London, and at the Chelsea Art Society's annual exhibitions since 2005.


Brewery Pier   Below the Bridge   Pin Parasol, Gigaro IV

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